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Senior QA


QA – 2 positions

3-5 years of work experience

Role specific:

At this stage you will be expected to:

  • Create a Test case once the strategy document for a course gets a sign-off from the customer. The strategy document will outline the content treatment, global UI features, visual treatment and technology part
  • Possess the ability to do an editorial review, perform visualisation testing, capture the usability factors, thorough understanding of the functionality of a course, perform audio testing
  • Review and provide feedback on User Interface against the strategy document and Test case
  • Review prototype and complete product against the storyboard; should carry out two phases of review:
    • Phase 1: review the prototype or course as an end user without referring to the storyboards, thus focusing on product review rather than at frame level
    • Phase 2: review the prototype or course against the storyboard and other references (if any)
  • Communicate issues to developers effectively, so as to minimise the challenge for developers to understand the issues logged
  • Configure the QA reports in eBridge (defect tracker) as explained by Admin
  • Prepare a known issues document before shipping the course to the customer
  • Prepare internal QA analysis report with graphical charts
  • Share the reports with QA Lead/Project Managers and discuss with them resource quality and possible remedies
  • Prepare QA analysis report for feedback received from customer (at alpha, beta and final phase)
  • Customer interaction through emails especially by writing mails about queries in the project
  • Have fair knowledge on instructional design, learning principles and learning theories
  • Contribute the effort hour estimation for a given project and
  • Possess excellent decision-making skills, with the ability to exercise independent discretion

Account Management:

  • Throughout the life cycle of the project/s assigned to you, in collaboration with the Visual Design team, Business Development team and Project Management team, you will be expected to contribute to account management on an ongoing basis.
  • As part of your responsibilities for account management, you will be expected to communicate with customers regarding queries, if any
  • Communicate frequently and effectively with development team to ensure the goals and objectives of the project are fulfilled
  • Participate in the development and implementation of standards, documentation and processes to ensure the final product meets our standards of excellence and consistency in terms of visual design integrity and customer expectations
  • Provide periodic status reports on ongoing developments in the projects and organise your schedules effectively to ensure timely completion of all projects, within the scheduled time frames and estimated effort hours.

Team Specific:

  • As part of your responsibilities for team management, you will be expected to possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships, and interact in a professional and friendly manner with company and customer personnel
  • Organise schedules to ensure timely completion of all the QA activities within the scheduled time frames and effort hours
  • Coordinate between the Project Manager and team to ensure smooth execution of a project
  • Communicate accurately and succinctly with other teams


  • In addition to the above mentioned knowledge and skills, the following skills would be preferable:
    • Ability to perform under pressure and maintain emotional composure under stress
    • Flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances and events
    • Good organisational and operational understanding.

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