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EI Design began in February 2002 as a small team of three. We have come a long way since and are now capable of generating over 500 online learning hours in a year. Our employees have been the core of our success throughout the years – they are experienced, passionate and committed to providing the best solutions to exceed the customer’s expectations every time.

Our team’s positive and dynamic energy has proven to be contagious and attractive; many of our business relationships have continued through the decade and developed at every turn. This success in building unique learning solutions has led to our company’s consistent profitability throughout its existence.

We understand that learning is a creative and involved process and the learner is at the centre of our solution-design philosophy. Instead of following the easy path of standardisation, our team adapts to every new project’s requirements and specificity. The resulting courses are user-friendly, customised and highly effective. Based on scenarios, games and active learning concepts to engage diverse learner profiles, our materials transcend the boundaries of numerous disciplines and domains.

Over the years, our organisation has evolved to become an agile, customer-focused and process-driven company. We are proud of our accomplishments in the first decade. As we go forward, EI Design remains strongly committed to innovation and continuous improvement. Our positive approach to everything that we do makes EI Design stand out from the crowd. We look forward to sharing our passion for progressive state-of-the-art rapid eLearning and mLearning solutions with you.